Powerful blocks

Maximise your conversions across desktop and mobile using our powerful building blocks. Seamlessly collect documents, customer addresses, biometrics and much more with our comprehensive suite of optimized and modular UI components. 

Identity verification

Users can submit and verify identity documents on the fly, and without the hassle. Zenoo Experience automatically detects cards, crops pictures correctly, and ensures photos are taken at source to reduce workarounds and lost customers.

Live document detection

Crop and resize pictures

Optimized upload to reduce time

Fully supported on mobile devices

Record a selfie video

Speak out loud and move your head.
Finish actions in under 20 seconds.

Sign contracts online

For any business, when it comes to online contract signing, removing barriers to completion is critical to growing the bottom line. With Zenoo you can be sure that the contract signing process is fully optimised.

Integrates with all major eSignature platforms

Allows preview of contracts on mobile or desktop

Instant signing

Routes the customer based on signing success

Open Banking

Get real-time access to account, balance, transaction, and identity data using open banking AIS. Use real-time financial data to provide actionable advice around money management and recommend financial products.

Seamlessly connect to bank accounts

Access real-time financial data

Route customers based on insight

Verify identity and address instantly

Effortless Address Entry

Validating international addresses enables you to enhance the customer experience quickly and easily, across all stages of the customer lifecycle.  Zenoo connects to all major address services to rapidly verify customer addresses in real-time.

Lookup address based on entry

Device-based geo location lookup

Clean address format

Verify using third-party services

50+ convenient components

IDV, contracts and payments are just a few of our purpose-built components. Choose from more than 50 modules, designed to make those customer experiences easy, enjoyable and completely error-free.

Built by us, designed by you

Control every aspect of the experience

Our versatile design system lets you combine the simplicity of prebuilt components with the flexibility of a custom UI. Build your ideal web environment and deliver a streamlined mobile experience using our no-code studio or low-code scripts.

Zenoo is a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers businesses to effectively showcase their brand identity. Our platform provides the tools and flexibility to customize your website design and branding through CSS and basic settings, making the process simple and efficient. Our onboarding process provides a seamless experience for businesses to get up and running quickly. With Zenoo, businesses have the ability to create a unique online presence that accurately represents their brand and differentiates them in the marketplace. Let us help you bring your brand to life with Zenoo.
Full customization
Use CSS properties to customize font, color, spacing, and more.

Swing into action without delay

Creating an optimized onboarding process can take time. Lots of it. But Zenoo allows you to seize the opportunity right from the start. Our collective experience across conversion optimization, design and analytics, means all the heavy lifting is already done for you, so you can focus on your business. 

UI optimizations
  • Client-side input validation
  • Input masking
  • Prebuilt components
  • Autofill via browser and data services
  • Intuitive workflow
Localized experience
  • 60+ supported languages
  • Localized error messages
  • Right-to-left languages
  • Support for local KYC providers
  • Dynamic address collection
  • Responsive layout
  • Dynamic numeric keypad
  • Mobile-friendly navigation
  • Prebuilt IDV
  • KYC SDKs pre integrated
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