Onboarding done right.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience while managing and regulating KYC and AML is a very difficult challenge to overcome.
Zenoo has the solution.


Zenoo is a digital onboarding platform designed to boost conversions without increasing risk.

For your customers it’s simple, quick and oh so slick. For you, it’s more customers and less time to revenue. Boom.

Onboarding made for humans

On average, 65% of your customers will drop-off during onboarding. Yikes.

Because when a journey has bumps in the road, it’s easy to bounce off them. They’re often too long, too complex and too disconnected.

Zenoo makes the experience smoother for the customer and the process seamless for you. That means…

Less drop-offs

Purpose built UX to make everything seamless so more customers complete

Less work

A scalable, ready-to-go solution with best practice templates for any business or sector

Less wait

Get up and running quicker and reduce time to revenue

KYC Journeys

Discover how we shape a faster, friendlier, simpler digital experience that keeps your customers engaged.



Give your customers a consistent brand experience, with an onboarding journey that looks, feels and sounds like you.



Customise every step of the onboarding journey to convert more clients, without the hassle of coding.



Check and verify documents in seconds, informing your users immediately, with our slick and seamless Salesforce plugin.


Keep the conversions rolling when you create a Zenoo journey

Bring your very own onboarding journey to life with Zenoo and dodge the usual stumbling blocks, enabling you to…

Make rapid decisions

Real-time verification using your favourite FinTech

Make it efficient

Resolve discrepancies immediately and automate client outreach

Make it yours

A fully customisable, zero code UI to brand your way

Be in the
know quicker

Whether you’re onboarding individual customers or businesses and organisations, Zenoo helps you know what you need to. Fast.


Minimise your costs and reduce time paper chasing with the ability to identify and verify the identity of customers digitally – in a 100% glitch-free, secure and legally compliant experience that’s a joy to use.


Swiftly identify the legal representatives of businesses and verify their connection with the company. So you can be compliant and confident in knowing exactly who you’re dealing with in a fraction of the time.