Create and customize onboarding experiences quickly and easily, reducing the time it takes to onboard new customers.

Improved experience

Ensure a smooth and intuitive UI/UX for customers, resulting in fewer drop-offs and higher conversion rates.

Enhanced compliance

Access to high-quality data and services, helping businesses ensure they meet their regulatory obligations.


Experience seamless onboarding with Zenoo's intuitive UX/UI design.

Perfect the experience and make it easier for customers to open accounts online. With Zenoo, you can build an outstanding digital onboarding journeys on mobile or web.


Craft customer
journeys without coding

Zenoo Journeys makes it easy to map out your customer journey and stay ahead of changing regulations with a zero code flow editor. Drag and drop pages and fields, define rules and criteria, and import data services to keep your onboarding process up-to-date.


Connect with your favourite data services

Discover the Zenoo marketplace, your one-stop destination for finding all the partners, apps and integrations you need to simplify digital account opening. Zenoo gives you front row access to the tools and resources that will streamline your processes and improve your workflow.


Act with a unified customer view

Prioritize the features and services that matter most to your customers and drive strategic decisions. Zenoo lets you continuously monitor your online account opening process, proactively identifying and eliminating any errors.


Here’s how your peers use Zenoo

Customers love Zenoo for its seamless, intuitive experience. Our powerful tools and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation as the go-to platform for digital onboarding. That’s why businesses like yours rely on Zenoo for an outstanding customer journey, every time.

Zenoo optimized journeys allows our customer to consume our leading data services without the need to code.  Giving them access our services in record time while maximizing the number of clients they convert.

Gareth Walker
Global Head of Client and Digital On-Boarding

Since we have partnered with Zenoo we have been able to deliver projects within weeks, not months/years. We have won deals that clients would normally walk away from.

Ivo Kolev
General Manager

Digital onboarding helps our clients accelerate their move to being digital whilst  delivering trusted, friction-right experiences to customers.

Anit Anthony
Digital Solutions & Product Head

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