We’re Zenoo.
This is our story

At Zenoo, we use technology to make the world a better place. We help companies improve their conversion rates, breaking down barriers and making it easier for their customers to open accounts online.

Our vision

We believe in a safer world, where Fintechs use their skills and services to help companies fight crime and fraud.

Our mission

To provide a marketplace where identity providers can offer their services

To deliver a no-code platform that enables all companies to easily access and use services

To focus on the user experience, making the onboarding process easy

To use our technology for good, with a focus on helping prevent crime and supporting those in need

Meet our family, the people who make Zenoo possible

We are 44 strong, and 75% of our team are engineers. We believe in our people, in their abilities, and their strength to work through problems, helping each other achieve what's important to our customers and to them.

Creating greatness together

We love working with people who share our vision and values. We rely on our partners to bring Zenoo to the world and we work tirelessly to ensure our partnerships work. Together with our partners we are making a safer world.

Get started for free

Try Zenoo for as long as you like with our free Starter plan. Purchase a paid Site plan to publish, host, and unlock additional features.

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