Smoother customer and client journeys through our friendly digital platform 


Stronger financial crime prevention through  technology and partnerships 

We believe success in the digital world starts with the customer and their needs.

It then works back to compliance, data and verification services to improve the 99.9% of inefficiency in current AML/KYC onboarding approaches.

And finally, the underlying platform that powers it through:

Building next-generation experiences

Providing easy to use, self-service tools

Real-time verification with leading FinTech and RegTech partners

Embedding KYC/AML into world-leading CRM

we started

As engineers, UX and product designers in an online lending company, we worked together to expand the business across 24 countries through a digital-only approach.

This gave us key insights into how onboarding could and should be made better.

So we built it better.

Using our collective experiences and knowledge, we created a cutting-edge platform so any business, regardless of technology legacy and organisational restraints, could onboard and convert more customers.

We now operate across three continents for major global brands including De Beers, Experian and NASA.

we’re headed

'Better' is a word that comes up a lot. But it’s what we’re about.

Having transformed the customer onboarding experience to improve business metrics, our continuing mission is to improve the 99.9% inefficiency in current AML/KYC onboarding approaches.

Through the Zenoo Foundation, we have set up a number of initiatives to help fight financial crime, prevent human trafficking, provide humanitarian assistance and promote financial inclusion in developing markets. The world can be a better place. It’s something we can all get onboard with.

Who we are

Our platform enables great things. But it’s our people who make it happen.

The core team at Zenoo have been working together for over nine years now – together through start-up, together through a global pandemic and now working together in assisting war relief efforts in Ukraine.

Nothing can pull the Zenoo team apart. Instead, we push to make our vision a reality.