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Today’s Banks ‘Armageddon’: Tomorrow’s ‘Life Facilitators’ Emergence

September 23, 2020
Today, ‘trust’ is a major determinant in our personal decision processing. High Street ‘Banks’, because of their historic significance, are awarded the trust banner. Trust, in turn, is largely a function of security; the customer comforted by the assumption that their money is safe and contracted services do ‘what it says on the label’.
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The 5 key steps to fix your digital customer onboarding

May 7, 2020
COVID-19 and the measures that have been taken to counteract it have dragged several areas into the spotlight. In only a few weeks, remote working, home schooling and social distancing have become everyday topics while many businesses are having to figure out how to acquire and service customers digitally. And it’s here where Digital Onboarding has gone from a priority at best to a total necessity in no time.
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Connect with Your Customers Better with FORCS Customer Onboarding e-Form

May 6, 2020
In today’s digital age, technology is advancing across businesses among different industries. With more businesses transforming their business electronically, it is important to innovate our products and be closer to our customers. I am sure they want to feel more connected than before. Therefore, it is essential to understand the way we interact with technology which influences customers. 
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