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Grow your customer base effortlessly with our online acquisition solutions

An integrated
conversion journey

Zenoo is the complete onboarding package. We make it easier for your customers to open accounts, and for you to take control of the journey.

 Our framework is built on five pillars:







Design a UI that echoes your brand 

Your front end is the face of your business. With Zenoo Experience, you have everything you need to make it shine, show off your branding and captivate your customers from the get go. 

Our powerful tools and intuitive interface help you create an experience that’s fast, engaging and effective. Get ready to make your best first impression.


Craft customer
journeys without coding

When you sign up new customers, industry regulations and the nature of your products determine what you need to collect and verify. But rules change, and that can be difficult to keep up with. That’s why Zenoo Journeys maps it all out and keeps you ahead of the game, without the need to write any code.

Map steps and paths in the customer journey

Drag and drop pages and fields

Define your own rules, criteria and back end systems

Import your favourite data services


Combine all moving parts, seamlessly

Regardless of how stunning and well-designed your user interface is, if it's slow and buggy you will lose customers. That’s why Zenoo Core orchestrates the front end with your back end and data services, ensuring resilience, speed and scalability.

Run a secure customer experience

Seamlessly integrate your back end systems

Scale to meet your traffic demands

Identify potential problems before they happen

Discover CORE

Respond with speed, reduce abandonments

Apply different onboarding strategies to different customer categories, improving acceptance rates and boosting revenues while identifying fraudsters.Zenoo Review reduces waiting times by giving you outstanding tools to manage drop-offs and exceptions.

Single customer view

Queue and escalation tracking tools

A client outreach process for additional information

Configurable approval workflows

Automated task generation for KYC and AML reviews

Fully customisable MI reporting


Identify, iterate and improve

Even with powerful tools and a polished interface, some customers will always fall away. You need to understand why, and take decisive action.

Zenoo Insights includes a collection of the world’s most advanced analytics, fully configurable to give you the real-time insights you need to optimize customer experiences.

Clear insights from user replays with Session Replays

How often users perform key actions with Events

Where and why users drop off in Funnels

Where your users click and how far they scroll with Heatmaps

How users move through the customer journey with Behaviour Flows

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