GAuthenticate by GIACT

Account Verification

GAuthenticate, powered by LSEG, offers top-tier bank account authentication that goes beyond simple verification by matching customer data against bank records. Integrated with Zenoo, this service provides a powerful tool for businesses needing precise authentication to reduce fraud risk. Key advantages include:

  • Robust Authentication: Combining GAuthenticate’s thorough bank account checks with Zenoo’s adaptive onboarding flow ensures highly accurate user authentication.
  • Seamless Integration: Leverage GAuthenticate within Zenoo’s platform to streamline the user experience from initial contact to full account verification, all within a single workflow.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Utilize GAuthenticate's capabilities to secure sensitive customer data, while Zenoo’s flexible architecture supports compliance with global security standards.
  • Customizable Verification Processes: Tailor the verification process to meet specific industry needs by integrating GAuthenticate's detailed checks with Zenoo's modular onboarding components.

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