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Do you provide services to regulated businesses?

If so, keep on reading, Zenoo is the right tool for you.

We work with companies like yours to simplify their go-to-market strategies, enabling their customers to use their services with ease.

Our typical customers are data services providers, AML software companies, digital consultancies, IDV/IDP providers and credit bureaus. They offer Zenoo platform to their clients who are most often in the areas of wealth management, crypto, luxury goods and other regulated businesses that need to verify their customers.

Data services provider

You have the key component in the onboarding journey - the data. However, based on our market research, your potential customers struggle to integrate such services into their IT infrastructure, which can cost you business opportunities.

Using Zenoo, you can offer new as well as existing customers a platform where all that is already pre-integrated. You can get Zenoo in a matter of months, and they can start using it weeks later.

your peers who already use zenoo

AML and IDV providers

Whether you deliver AML software, risk reports, IDV/IDP or other fintech software, you need to give your customers an all-in-one solution. A platform which connects your software to those missing pieces that they would otherwise have to get elsewhere.

Enter Zenoo, the layer that you have been missing. You don’t have to lose flexibility to get an all-compassing platform.

It is easy to integrate, and easy to use.

your peers who already use zenoo

end-customer use cases

Zenoo powers these onboarding journeys

These brands already use Zenoo to power their onboarding journeys.

Here are some of the end-customers that already use the Zenoo onboarding.

Didn’t find your use case here?

If you a regulated business that needs to carry out KYC, IDV or AML checks, and want to automate the process, check out our SalesForce App.

This user-friendly app is easy to integrate to your systems, and lets you manage the onboarding journeys and verifications in SalesForce. The app comes with pre-integrated data services, which means no headache with connecting to multiple APIs!


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