For up to 30% more*

Digitally verify your customers. For up to 30% more digital onboardings completed successfully, reduces handling, and ultimately the cost of customer acquisition.

Makes it easy

Lets your staff request documents directly from Salesforce at the click of a button.

Branded & secure

Customer gets to upload documents using our magic link on any device.

Validate the customer

We authenticate documents with the worlds leading providers to reduce risk.


Salesforce is updated real-time to help you conclude more transactions, quickly.
* Zenoo security processes are based on industry best practices as tested by the U.S. government and leading financial institutions. vDoc is integrated into Salesforce cloud - the most advanced architecture and data center structure in the world with SOC 2 Type 1, 2 and 3 compliance reporting and ISO 27001 Certification.

Less manual work,
far safer

At a click of a button, Zenoo’s vDoc will automate how you collect, process & validate documents from customers.
Freeing your staff to work with more clients and conclude more transactions.

vDoc ensures your customers onboard successfully

vDoc’s proprietary image processing technology ensures any document is recognisable regardless of angle, distance and background noise.
vDoc identifies errors in seconds, guides your customer to correct them in real-time; reducing your back-office burden.
vDoc is your gateway to leading data providers…

Connecting you to a world of unlimited choices.

vDoc for Salesforce is a turn-key solution that immediately optimizes your back-office, lowers client acquisition cost and increases customer satisfaction.
vDoc improves your bottom line.
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