Zenoo Studio

Create amazing onboarding journeys in a zero-code environment. Enable customers to build without developers.

Zenoo Studio is a low-code/zero-code, easily customisable platform businesses use to onboard customers. Reusable elements can be dragged and dropped in the visual canvas, removing the need for coding.

Talking your

In regulated businesses, such as law firms and financial institutions, you need to build apps quickly that will onboard customers effectively without the need for heavy customisation.

If you hired a developer to do this, they would need to have a specific skill set and an understanding of the complexities of regulated businesses.

With Zenoo Studio, you don’t need developers to build your onboarding journeys. You can empower your product and UX teams to build the journeys you need to acquire satisfied clients.

So, you can free up your development resources to work on features and products that are important for your business.

Zenoo Studio enables you to build out the strategy that will collect the correct information in real-time, so you have everything you need to make an instant decision.

How Zenoo Studio works

Give the onboarding journey a makeover so that it looks, feels and sounds like you. Our Studio tools make it simple.

Create new or different customer journeys using pre-built templates

Invite other team members to collaborate on the project and specify access levels

Customise every element of the journey to reflect your brand without coding (colours, fonts, layout, gradient, buttons)

Track and manage changes in a test environment

Edit the content of the page and the information you're collecting

Configure the next steps in the journey yourself and which data services to feed in (if a customer uploads an ID that doesn’t look valid, or, if you’ve checked their PEPs/sanctions and see they’re potentially sanctioned, you can send them down a different journey)

Zenoo Studio also offers a low-code option for more advanced users.

Onboarding journeys
made easy.

Pick from tested page layouts and templates made for specific use cases

Craft your content with 50+ purpose built onboarding components

Preview and edit designs on the fly, directly on the page