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Perfect your digital onboarding process within Salesforce. Integrate Zenoo Web App to rapidly verify customers.

Integrating the Zenoo Web App in Salesforce enables you to perfect your end-to-end digital onboarding process so you can accelerate to revenue.

Automate your reliance on compliance

As the first KYC app truly native to Salesforce, any business, including those that are regulated, can onboard customers without the need for manual data entry.

Information can be requested directly from Salesforce at the click of a button and your customers will go through the Zenoo journey to provide the information you require to onboard them.

All data, checks and verifications are imported directly into Salesforce so you can view and manage the onboarding process without ever leaving the platform.

You can use Salesforce’s array of tools to improve the way you process clients internally. For example, if a customer document is about to expire, you would have that information in Salesforce and can create a workflow to deal with it in the appropriate way.

The Zenoo Web App takes away the hassle of identity documentation collection and delivers a positive experience for your customers.

It gives you total control of the customer journey, enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions quickly, so you can process applications faster. Examples of checks:

Customer verification
PEP/Sanctions checks
Fraud risk
Credit risk
Employee enrolment
Multiple data vendors
Review referred customers
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Fully customisable onboarding workflows and easy deployment within your existing Salesforce platform.

How does it work?

Easy requests

Lets your staff request documents at the click of a button

Faster checks

Ensures documents meet the compliance requirements in your country

Cleaner docs

Crops and straightens images, even when taken at odd angles. Confirms images are legible

Better comms

Tells users how to fix issues immediately and holds uploads until they’re good to go

Why is it helpful?

Improves the user experience

Device-responsive, so the UX is optimised regardless of the user’s device

Reduces the workload

Your staff don’t need to reach out to users manually, because it helps users upload the right documents

Ensures compliance

No more worries about compliance. Zenoo InstantDoc is 100% GDPR and KYC globally compliant

Good to go

No need to worry, with a Salesforce plugin that bolts straight into your current solution