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Zenoo helps companies extend the convenience of being digital to their customers, whilst using our technology platform and partnerships to increase the effectiveness of preventing, tracking and reducing financial crime. Providing easy-to-use, self-service tools (Studio), verifying applicants in real-time with leading FinTech and RegTech Partners (Hub), and embedding KYC/AML into the world's leading CRM (Salesforce).

Below you can find documentation on how to use each of these solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any pre-sales questions via slack or email. For support please visit our support portal.


Verify applicants in real-time with leading FinTech and RegTech Partners.

Technology Stack

HUB Backend
Groovy, Java 8
Spring 5, Project Reactor

HUB Client
TypeScript 3
React, Node.js

Zenoo is:

Generic - enables DO process modelling using a few basic building blocks

Flexible - easy to customise, configure and make changes on per-customer basis

Extensible - easy to add new functionality and integrate 3rd party services

Scalable - can handle increased traffic

Resilient - responsive in case of failure

Transparent - easy to monitor and troubleshoot

Our aim is to arm developers with a toolkit that makes building, managing and optimising customer interactions less burdensome and more enjoyable, while improving the bottom line for businesses who embrace our approach. We do this by ensuring each customer interaction is unique and optimised to maximise conversions.

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