Orchestrating multiple Refinitiv products with a single API 

Refinitiv, one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and risk solutions,, wanted to make its customer’s lives simpler, and allow them to consume their data and services with ease. This is how we helped the business make it happen using Zenoo’s white label platform. 

The challenge

When Refintiv wanted to onboard a new customer, typically a company in a regulated industry such as wealth management, the process was far from fast and easy. Every new customer needed to connect to multiple APIs, which was costly and time consuming, and in some cases even a deal breaker. 

Additionally, Refinitiv wanted to have better control over the frontend of the onboarding journeys, and improve the user experience. Before Zenoo, the  digital onboarding process was often full of friction and frustration for end-users, which led to high abandonment rates. To make even the slightest change in the onboarding flow, Refinitiv needed to turn to its internal development team, which meant that the process was slow, cumbersome, and placing undue pressure on  internal teams. 

All these issues were impacting Refinitiv’s time to revenue and customer satisfaction. The company knew it needed to be more flexible in meeting its clients' needs. It just didn't know where to start.

The solution

First, we pre-integrated Refinitiv data sources and services into the Zenoo platform. After combining the Zenoo software and Refinitiv data, a unique white label onboarding solution with real-time checks was born. This gave Refinitiv the orchestration layer it was missing, a simplified way to connect customers to the API. 

In addition, Refinitiv gained access to our no-code Design Studio. In the Studio, Refinitiv has full control over the frontend of the onboarding journey - without any need to code. Zenoo Studio comes with UI templates built on tested best practices, which means that Refinitiv’s clients now enjoy higher conversion rates. The solution also offers a pre-configured client lifecycle management capability, which reduces the manual work for internal teams and helps automate back-office operations.

KYC onboarding journeys are now automated, too, and end-customers are verified in real-time.  For users, this means less friction and a better experience. For businesses, it means less time spent on manual reviews. 

Quick facts

No more integration headaches, thanks to Zenoo’s orchestration platform

Quicker time to revenue for Refinitiv as well as its customers

Implementation time of only 6 months

Cost savings, thanks to automation of KYC processes

A seamless user experience and UI, built on tested best practices

Staying ahead of the competition, by being an early adopter of a no-code solution

We have applied 20-plus years’ experience gained in developing customer and third-party screening and related due diligence solutions for the world’s leading global banks into the design of our digital onboarding solution. That expertise has enabled us to create a powerful, low-code/no-code solution that meets the unique needs of fast-growing firms
Ramesh Menon, Global Head of Product, Digital Identity & Fraud Solutions, Refinitiv 

Key takeaways

Ease of implementation positively impacts time to revenue and time to market

Improved user experience means higher conversion rates and a stickier product

Early adopters of the no-code trend get ahead of the competition by being faster and more flexible

What we did

Strategy and user research 

Platform architecture

Seamless integration of Zenoo software products to Refinitiv architecture

Analytics, optimisation and testing 

Design across multiple platforms

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