A better way to onboard in wealth management

Complex compliance procedures. Shifting financial regulations. Repetitive manual administration. Let’s face it, traditional wealth management onboarding is anything but straightforward. Freshen it up with Zenoo. Our digital platform makes onboarding oh so smooth for your customers and seamless for you. Less headaches. Less drop off.

Wealth Management

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Keep the conversions rolling when you create a Zenoo journey

Zenoo makes wealth management onboarding feel good. Design and create your journey your way with a UI that’s built to boost conversions.

Integrate your favourite FinTech. Verify financial data in real time. Automate your workflows and customer outreach.

It's all the control you want, none of the coding you don’t. Super fast, super friendly.

We’ve made onboarding smoother

Onboard like you mean it with Zenoo    

When you streamline your journey, onboarding flows smoothly for everyone. All it takes is four simple steps.

We invite your customer to upload their data through a simple SMS or email link. A few taps and they’re away.

Let’s go
Your customer logs in and begins their unique onboarding journey, built with a super-friendly UI for more conversions.

They check it
Your favourite data providers check the customer’s data and verify everything in real time. All automated and easy.

You OK it
If anything wasn’t verified automatically, it will be handily flagged for you to review and resolve. 

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