Convert more, stress less

Before Zenoo:  Compliance is a constant struggle, manual processes are at breaking point, fragmented KYC and client frustrations are hitting you hard.

After Zenoo: All your data is secure and in one place, onboarding is a breeze, and you’re converting more business.

Onboarding that
actually works

Zenoo Review actively detects and blocks fraud, while providing swift passage for legitimate customers, using AI that’s continually learning from data provided by millions of global companies.

Lead ranking that
boosts revenue

Apply different onboarding strategies to high risk customers, improving acceptance rates and boosting your revenues while pinpointing fraudsters.

Protection that
adopts to you

Configure your protection models without coding. Our algorithms quickly adjust to shifting fraud patterns and adapt to your unique business needs.

No integration

Zenoo Review is built into our onboarding platform, so you can get started from day one with zero code. It even integrates with your internal systems for maximum simplicity.

Save time on manual reviews

Zenoo Review slashes the time it takes to review applications and get more customers to completion, detecting counterfeit documents and identifying fraud patterns.

Automatic check-in questions give you a quick, easy way to establish communication, stay in touch and keep everyone informed about complex projects. It’s perfect for keeping your finger on the pulse without getting bogged down.

Document tamper

Brith date validity

Watermark checks

Document number cross-referencing

Image comparison

Data verification

Fraud detection algorithms

Cross-check address

Verify an address easily and effectively, by comparing it against multiple information sources. The results of the cross-checking process are displayed on the Zenoo platform, allowing you to determine whether the address is valid and legitimate. This helps minimise fraud and errors, as well as improving the overall quality of the data you collect and use.

AML, PEP and sanctions screening

Simply enter the customer's information into Zenoo Review for AML, PEP and sanctions screening, automatically verifying the customer's identity and conducting a thorough search for any potential issues. It’s designed to identify and flag any warning signs that may indicate a potential problem.

The results are displayed on the Zenoo platform, allowing you to quickly and easily review, and take the appropriate action.

Verify bank

Using Zenoo for bank account verification couldn’t be easier. Simply enter bank account information and Zenoo Review will automatically check it against a database of valid accounts, as well as conducting a thorough screening for any potential issues, red flags, fraud or financial instability.

Connect on your customer’s terms

Create personalised, effective and positive first impressions. Invite customers to start the onboarding process using their preferred methods, and adjust invitations to suit their individual needs.

Zenoo Review automatically generates a tailored invitation that can be sent via SMS or email, including all the necessary information and instructions that the customer needs to begin the onboarding process. 

Zenoo for Onboarding Teams

Customize Zenoo for your business

From writing rules to reviewing applications, you’re in complete control. With Zenoo, there’s no code or lengthy setup required to get started. Everything integrates easily with existing systems and workflows, leaving you time to focus on the bigger picture.

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