Design the customer’s end-to-end journey

Mapping the customer journey is a breeze with Zenoo, and with the click of a button it’s deployed

Drag and drop

Shape your customer journey by simply dragging and dropping data or document interactions into the workflow.


Add, remove and rearrange steps, configuring every stage exactly as you need it. Edit fields, add validation and much more.

Simulate the experience

Preview pages exactly how your customers will see them as they progress through the onboarding journey on desktop, tablet or mobile.


Here’s how your peers use Zenoo

Customers love Zenoo for its seamless, intuitive experience. Our powerful tools and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation as the go-to platform for digital onboarding. That’s why businesses like yours rely on Zenoo for an outstanding customer journey, every time.

Zenoo optimized journeys allows our customer to consume our leading data services without the need to code.  Giving them access our services in record time while maximizing the number of clients they convert.

Gareth Walker
Global Head of Client and Digital On-Boarding

Since we have partnered with Zenoo we have been able to deliver projects within weeks, not months/years. We have won deals that clients would normally walk away from.

Ivo Kolev
General Manager

Digital onboarding helps our clients accelerate their move to being digital whilst  delivering trusted, friction-right experiences to customers.

Anit Anthony
Digital Solutions & Product Head

Everything you need to build epic customer journeys

We know entering data is a hassle and can cause errors. That’s why we’ve created a series of well-crafted pages you can drag into your journey, collecting all the information you need to verify your customers.

Choose when and how you collect data

Every business is unique, and different products have different requirements. That’s why we put you in total control of data capture. You decide the what, when and how, using:

  • Address Forms
  • Contact Details
  • Static HTML Pages
  • Dynamic Calculator

Connect with your favourite services

It used to take months to integrate a new provider. With Zenoo it’s quick and easy. Drag and drop, or configure services in minutes, and be confident nothing will break when you click deploy.

  • Identity Proofing
  • Open Banking
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • eSign

Configure your ecosystem

One size fits all is no good for anyone. That’s why Zenoo lets you customise every aspect of the user journey in just a few clicks.

Built by us, designed by you

Design on a visual canvas or in low code

Our versatile design system lets you combine the simplicity of prebuilt components with the flexibility of custom UIs. Use our no-code studio or low-code scripts to build your ideal web experience and deliver a streamlined mobile experience.

Run at scale without downtime

You can run the end-to-end customer journey on our proven, secure and scalable platform, designed to operate as a SaaS solution within your infrastructure. It’s built to convert more business and make your customers, and their customers, very happy. They’ll enjoy more conversions, and you’ll enjoy more sales.

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