Get granular with effective analysis 

Effortlessly uncover the root causes of customer churn. Zenoo Insight provides actionable insights and recommendations to help you correct problems and retain more customers.

Why are customers dropping off?

Gain valuable insights into your customers' behaviours with Zenoo's user journey capture capabilities. Watch recordings of their interactions with your site or app to identify critical pinch points and uncover potential issues.

Are they using the app as intended?

Track and measure the success of your user flows. See how often users take the actions that matter to you, and use events as filters in recordings to quickly find and analyse important interactions.

Here’s how your peers use Zenoo

Zenoo optimized journeys allow our customer to consume our leading data services without the need to code.  Giving them access our services in record time while maximizing the number of clients they convert.

Gareth Walker
Global Head of Client and Digital On-Boarding

Since we have partnered with Zenoo we have been able to deliver projects within weeks, not months/years. We have won deals that clients would normally walk away from.

Ivo Kolev
General Manager

Digital onboarding helps our clients accelerate their move to being digital whilst  delivering trusted, friction-right experiences to customers.

Anit Anthony
Digital Solutions & Product Head

What parts of the page matter most?

Zenoo Insight lets you focus on the page areas that are critical to the user experience. This might include key elements such as the navigation menu, call-to-action buttons, or the search bar. By focusing on these components, you can gain valuable insights into how users interact with your site or app, and you can identify potential problems or areas for improvement.

Where and why do they leave?

To identify drop-off points, you can use Zenoo Insight to track the entire user flow. Our system allows you to interrogate any points in the customer journey where users are likely to abandon the site or app. 

This might include points where users encounter errors or obstacles, or where the user flow is not intuitive or easy to follow, allowing you to make immediate adjustments.

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