Say hello to full-stack flexibility and control

Exceptional journeys need perfect orchestration. Zenoo Core does just that, integrating data and APIs into a seamless experience that improves engagement, increases loyalty and drives growth.


Deliver applications at speed, even with low throughput, using a cluster of machines with latencies as low as 2ms.


Scale production up to a thousand brokers, trillions of applications and many petabytes of data, elastically expanding and contracting storage and processing as needed.

Total scalability

Stretch clusters efficiently over availability zones or connect separate clusters across geographic regions, without missing a beat.

Power from the core

Zenoo’s powerful Core takes everything in its stride, processing the scripts which are used to define steps, rules and integrations. These Flow scripts are based on our Domain Specific Language (DSL), written in Groovy, the object-oriented programming language.

Securely collect and transport data

Data collection and distribution is effortless with Zenoo Core. Define and manage data from users and third-party systems with ease, making informed decisions and streamlining your processes.

One of the key benefits of Zenoo Core is its ability to scale to meet your demand peaks. Whether you experience a sudden surge in traffic or need to process a large volume of data, Zenoo Core is designed to handle it all. This means you can focus on delivering an exceptional experience to your customers without worrying about the technical details.

Seamless, resilient integration with third-party systems

Manage the execution of all your workflow processes between the front-end, your internal databases and third-party services. With Zenoo Core, you can use a dedicated DSL to add a layer of resilience and extensibility to your code. This means you’ll build features that can handle real-life issues like external service failures and unexpected API changes.

Find and fix any problem, fast 

Whether you’re experiencing errors, delays or other problems, Zenoo Core's powerful analytics and reporting tools make it easy to pinpoint the root cause and take appropriate action. This means you’ll resolve problems quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring your processes continue to run smoothly.

Process data safely and with confidence

Zenoo Core defines and collects JSON-like data from users and third-party systems. Data attributes are used temporarily to gather and share data between systems and to aid in making decisions, ensuring safe and secure data processing.

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Zenoo makes it easy to streamline the entire onboarding pipeline from start to finish, allowing customers to complete all the necessary steps and become fully onboarded in record time.

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