Helping participating banks process forgiveness for PPP loans faster and at scale

and its fully digital

Zenoo helps you flatten the curve of pressure placed on your financial institution. As the SBA loan applications skyrocket with the new Paycheck Protection Program, our onboarding system ensures you can easily verify forgiveness and not be overwhelmed by the volume.


Zenoo is trusted by

Zenoo lets you collect applicant data in 5 minutes online and automatically verify loan forgiveness based on your rules. Customers process their application from home and complete the process without needing to talk to your staff.
Up & running in 24 hours
Highly configurable
Maximizes productivity

Digitally verify...

  • Owners with over 20% shareholding
  • Mobile numbers
  • Bank account ownership
  • Spending categories (such as payroll and utilities)
  • How money was spent post loan
  • Customer’s sanctions risk
Stuart Watkins, CEO of Zenoo

We’re in a situation where time is truly of the essence. Small business owners depend on getting quick access to SBA loans. As a result, significant pressure will be put on banking systems and staff. Zenoo lets banks and credit unions easily handle this massive workload and keep the economy afloat.

Our powerful software improves user experience and increases trust. The front-end echoes your brand and keeps the experience familiar, while the back-end comes pre-integrated with all the services you need for your decision-making process.

Zenoo is connected with

Digitally verify bank account ownership and spending categories
Digitally screen customers for sanctions risk etc
Digitally verify US Driving Licences and Passports
Digitally verify spending categories for solvency and verifying forgiveness
Speed up verifications, reduce stress and help
keep the economy afloat.
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