May 6, 2020

Connect with Your Customers Better with FORCS Customer Onboarding e-Form

In today’s digital age, technology is advancing across businesses among different industries. With more businesses transforming their business electronically, it is important to innovate our products and be closer to our customers. I am sure they want to feel more connected than before. Therefore, it is essential to understand the way we interact with technology which influences customers. 

According to Forbes, 70% of the companies globally have either a Digital Transformation Strategy at their workplace or are currently working on one as of 2019. Whenever companies require to register new customers to use their products or services, they go through this process also known as the Customer Onboarding process. This onboarding journey is important for customers as they experience from start to finish in engaging with the respective companies. Some companies’ nature of businesses is still involving paperwork which disrupts the process, making the customer’s journey long altogether. This produces more consumption of time and increasing the risk of losing physical documents. It is hence essential to understand what each customer’s requirements are, as their experiences determine whether a company’s solutions and services are good. 

We get these concerns and the paperwork involved, so throw them aside. Introducing our solution to you, FORCS Customer Onboarding e-Form. Our solution is very easy and simple to use. Powered by our intuitive OZ Designer Tool where Smart e-Forms can be created within minutes, your customers can now fill in their forms all electronically! Some of the benefits from using FORCS Customer Onboarding e-Form includes the ability to access the forms offline without an internet connection and shortens the process of knowing your customer (KYC). Additionally, and most importantly switches forms according to what the customers select. This means that whenever the customer opts something from a field, it brings him or her to the relevant pages of the electronic document. Upon submission of the form, the intuitive system has clearance ensuring all fields are filled in. Otherwise, the customer will be prompted to fill in the form that he or she has missed out.

With the above benefits, it results in eliminating paperwork and allowing customers to fill in forms with much more ease. To top it off, it saves manpower and the additional hours spent re-keying customers’ information into the backend system. FORCS Customer Onboarding e-Form allows the administrator to access all submitted forms in the backend system using a username and password. This information can also be viewed in XML format and supported by PDF, which is up to ten times smaller in size than normal files and it loads quickly. It is that simple!

Allow us to further elaborate one of the Case Studies that has engaged FORCS services in utilising the Customer Onboarding e-Form that has transformed the business.

Case – Hanwha Life Insurance

Hanwha Life Insurance is founded in 1946 and headquartered at South Korea. It offers a wide array of services including financial services, chemicals and leisure and lifestyle. Previously, Hanwha was using their very own electronic system for their new customer subscriptions. However, there was an existing backend system which requires staff to be the middlemen in re-keying information into the system. This is very time consuming. After consulting FORCS and implementing the Customer Onboarding e-Form solution, the business has an increase in subscription rate from 5 to 30%. Apart from that, there is no paperwork to be done and middlemen are no longer needed.

There you have it! FORCS Customer Onboarding e-Form solution can be used across different industries. Achieve digital transformation today with FORCS! Contact for a demo.