Non-profit activities for a safer world

As global events have delivered injustice and challenged humanity, Zenoo has
been working to make the world a safer place.

We don’t discuss. We take action. And we’ve built several non-profit organisations and initiatives
over the years to lend a helping hand, working to improve humanity by using our tech for good.

December 2019
COVID-19 identified

March 2020

Zenoo launches the non-profit platform, Huddle Puddle, to help identify volunteers in the UK during the pandemic. The platform was designed to create a digital identity, which could be scanned to verify the volunteer was legitimate and safe to work with elderly people. By using this platform, elderly people could be more confident that the person at their doorstep was not a scammer or someone with malicious intent.

April 2020

Zenoo launches the Mind Feedr Project in response to the challenges faced by parents during the pandemic. The project provides a platform for verified teachers to provide home schooling support to students outside the normal online schooling curriculum. Mind Feedr ensures that the teachers are verified. and provides an efficient and effective way for parents to find the right teachers to support their children.

February 2022
Full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine

February 2022

Zenoo launches the Freedom Box Project, to deliver hope to children in Ukraine. Inspired by a daughter who sent positivity boxes to her friends during the pandemic, we sent boxes to children in Ukraine full of toys, sweets, and letters from children around Europe. As the need grew, we then started to deliver food, blankets and other much-needed supplies to people on the front line. We also started to send Freedom Buses to collect people and bring them to safety in other countries, eventually creating the Freedom ID project to verify refugees and hosts.

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December 2022

Zenoo launches Freedom ID, a non-profit project designed to provide secure digital identities to refugees, volunteers and hosts. It works by combining various fintech providers, such as Shifty Pro, Vouched, Experian and the Ukrainian government database Diia, to verify and authenticate identities. The platform also works with websites that match refugees with hosts, providing a layer of security and assurance that the people involved are legitimate. In addition, the project provides emergency cash to refugees and volunteers, and works with charities to help match people with hosts and transport them around the world.

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