Deliver amazing onboarding experiences.

Make clients happy.

Zenoo does onboarding journeys differently

How? We focus on the customer experience first and build backwards from there.

Why? It means we create amazing KYC (Know Your Customer) journeys designed around a user experience that converts customers, making it easy for you to deliver excellence at scale.

Pixel-perfect front-end UI

We power a front-end user interface (UI) and design each pre-built journey meticulously, based on years of sector experience, from lending to law and education to employment.

We help you customise it quickly to meet your needs and match your brand. You collect good quality data at source (e.g. ID validation) and can build out strategies to collect information based on the results, without customers getting frustrated and dropping off.

Increasing the chance of instant approvals
Importing customers quickly
Reducing the amount of manual work for you

First impressions make or break relationships, so make your onboarding journey a great customer experience.

Why Zenoo?

Intuitive interface and clear guidance on what the user/customer needs to do next
Progressive indications to show the user has completed each step correctly
Immediate feedback if something isn’t right
Pre-population of information fields
Best principles of UX design based on decades of experience
Rapid upload of large files such as selfies and documents
Mobile, table and desktop switching
Save and return

Your brand, your tone of voice, your customisable journey.