Digital onboarding tailored by industry

Zenoo enables organisations across a range of industries to eliminate risk and fraud while providing a seamless onboarding journey for customers.

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Wealth management

In a sector based on trust between investor and advisor, wealth management clients expect a seamless, fast, and personalised digital onboarding journey.

Zenoo removes the manual work, so your wealth firm can focus on enhancing client relationships and remaining competitive.

Screen and verify investors quickly, while ensuring you meet your KYC and AML obligations.



To stand out above the competition, law firms have to adapt to ever-evolving compliance regulations, while onboarding clients quickly, and delivering the best client experience.

Zenoo removes the need for manual work by automating the process so you can onboard legal clients faster.

All the solutions you need to onboard a client, from KYC and AML tools to PEPs and sanctions screening and digital identity verification, in one place.



Since the pandemic, remote working has become the norm for many employers. But, along with this comes the challenges of remote hiring.

Onboarding new employees without meeting them face to face poses significant risk for any organisation.

Recruiters are using Zenoo’s digital onboarding platform to verify employees and subcontractors, eliminate identity fraud, conduct sector-relevant screening, minimise errors and accelerate the onboarding journey.



Remote learning has driven universities and colleges to adapt quickly. From enrolment to sitting exams remotely, it is imperative to authenticate student identities.

Teachers must be screened to ensure they meet the requirements to work in the education sector.

Educational institutions must ensure funds for tuition fees are legitimate.

Zenoo's digital onboarding platform provides a range of KYC and AML tools to suit your university or college's needs.


Financial services

Customers expect instant access to banking and other financial services, right from the account opening process.

Many banks and other financial institutions are using technology to remove manual work so they can rapidly and securely onboard customers.

Zenoo’s digital onboarding journeys for financial services cover all of the essentials including KYC and AML, ID verifications, and other screening checks to deliver a frictionless customer experience.



Streamlining customer onboarding and authentication processes for the provision of services such as benefits is enabling government agencies to digitally transform while achieving significant time and cost savings.

Digitally onboarding government employees minimises payroll fraud and authenticates new hires to ensure bad actors are not posing as employees to unlawfully access sensitive data.

With a crucial role to play in government agency success, effective digital onboarding enhances productivity, improves customer experience and helps eliminate fraud.