This is Zenoo

Zenoo gives you full flexibility. You control the design, journey flow and the third party services. All of this comes as a white label, SaaS solution.


Powerful orchestration layer

Seamless journeys need to be perfectly orchestrated, and that is exactly what the Zenoo’s Hub does - integrating data and APIs. You can connect third party services, store collected user data, or use them to streamline the journey flow.

Scalable up to trillions of applications per day, petabytes of data

Orchestration engine with custom DSL

Seamlessly integrates with 3rd party systems

JSON-like data attributes that make it easy to securely collect and transport data

zenoo studio

Flexibility in every
step of the journey

With Zenoo no-code Studio, there is no need to code when creating a journey. Just drag and drop steps, fields and forms. The Studio comes with over 50+ pre-integrated components such as document verification, liveness detection and PEP screening. You can use the template, or edit them exactly as you need!

Design the steps, rules and flows in the end-user journey

Drag and drop pages and fields to collect and verify data

Connect the 3rd party APIs you need

Brand the UI any way you want


Frontend that converts

Designing the perfect UX for an onboarding app sounds easy - but it isn’t. In fact, 68 % of customers get so frustrated with poor UX that they abandon financial services apps*. Imagine how much revenue business lose this way!

Zenoo offers best-practice frontend that converts. End-users only need minutes to complete their onboarding, including KYC, IDV or AML checks.

All of this happens in an app that can be branded, edited and managed in a no-code Studio.


Save time on manual reviews

No more fragmented KYC and AML checks, no more frustrated applicants. Zenoo allows verification directly in the platform, so that everything stays in one place.

Cross check addresses

Verify documents

AML and PEP/Sanctions screening

Bank account verification

Multiple data sources

Customised invitations via SMS or email

Fraud detection algorithms

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