Digital HUB

The Zenoo Hub employs Micrometer—a vendor-neutral application metrics facade—to integrate with the most popular monitoring systems.

Micrometer has a built-in support for AppOptics, Azure Monitor, Netflix Atlas, CloudWatch, Datadog, Dynatrace, Elastic, Ganglia, Graphite, Humio, Influx/Telegraf, JMX, KairosDB, New Relic, Prometheus, SignalFx, Google Stackdriver, StatsD, and Wavefront.

The following metrics will automatically register:

Executor metrics

  • - the number of active executors
  • hub.executors.terminated - the number of terminated executors

Execution metrics

  • hub.executions.started - the number of started executions
  • hub.executions.expired - the number of expired executions with a drop-off route as a tag
  • hub.executions.terminated - the number of terminated executions
  • hub.executions.duration - the execution duration
  • hub.executions.error - the number of execution errors (generic, validation and exchange errors)
  • hub.routes - the number of executed routes. Optionally, filter out a specific route using a name tag
  • hub.exchanges - the number of executed exchanges. Optionally, filter out a specific exchanges using a name tag
  • hub.functions - the number of executed functions. Optionally, filter out a specific functions using a name tag

JVM metrics

  • various memory and buffer pools
  • statistics pertaining to garbage collection
  • thread utilization
  • number of loaded and unloaded classes
  • CPU metrics
  • Uptime metrics

In addition, you can register custom metrics in a workflow script using the metrics DSL.