Deployment Options


By pipeline

The HUB platform can be easily integrated to any CI & CD environment such as Jenkins, Circle CI and GitLab.

In typical scenarios, at the end of a green pipeline step, compiled artifacts are uploaded and started automatically.

Typical steps of a pipeline may consist of:

  • Build
  • Deploy to Stage
  • Deploy to Production


Example backend commands:

Example frontend commands:

This step compiles the artefacts and runs unit/integration tests in an isolated environment (e.g.: Docker image).

Deploy to Stage

After a successful build step, all artefacts are uploaded to the staging environment together with their configuration.

Deploy to Production

After end-to-end testing and UAT, when the necessary approval is in place, the stable stage version in question is uploaded to the production environment.


In case the client side has security concerns or internal process related limitations, artefacts are delivered (through the Zenoo artefact repository or external file system) and deployed manually.

Deployment can be done on-premise, where the client has its own dedicated servers—or on-cloud such as AWS or Azure.

As long as server requirements are met, the HUB platform can be deployed to any cloud provider.