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Connectors are the integration points of the entire workflow orchestration. They are wrapped by exchange commands to be used within the DSL.

Throughout the workflow execution, external/internal providers can be called by means of exchanges that trigger the connectors. The connectors fetch results and decide in each step what to do with the provider responses accordingly.

For a typical onboarding journey, connector use cases include the following:

  • Call an authentication service to authorize the client.
  • Call an eKYC service to validate his/her identity.
  • Call a loan management system to fetch his/her loan information.
  • Call one or more credit bureaus to get the loan history for a client.
  • Call one or more decision engines to decide if the client can get the loan.
  • Call a customer relationship manager (CRM) application to send communications.

Connector DSL examples

Here are some examples of common connector usage:

Sending one-time 2FA passcode

Authenticating user ID

Getting loan information

Calling credit bureau

Fetch decision

Send reminder

How to use it in workflow