Allow your customers to consume your data services, without the need to code.

Embed Zenoo into your data services and enable your customers to benefit from high-converting onboarding experience they need to digitize their operations & grow their customer base.
Some of the worlds leading data companies use Zenoo to compliment their services, allowing their clients to consume their API services without the need to code. Zenoo acts as a digital enabler for them, as it can you.
Data Partners
Data Partnerships

Digital onboarding is more in-demand than ever, but you just don’t have the bandwidth to build it

With so many companies are racing to replace their paper-based processes with online experiences, you know that digital onboarding would be a fantastically valuable service to add to your platform.
Unfortunately, most projects take months, if not years, to research, design, build, and launch. By adding Zenoo to your offering, we can together get customers to market fast & in style.

You need a pre-built onboarding solution that fits seamlessly with your existing services

Building digital onboarding from scratch doesn’t make sense — but integrating a proven solution? That’s a whole different story. Zenoo Partnerships let you quickly add Zenoo’s market-tested onboarding to your services, so you can give your customers the frictionless consumer experience they desperately need, without spending months on custom development.

Zenoo provides the flexibility and extensibility you need to meet any customer’s requirements

In order to successfully deliver custom onboarding experiences to complex businesses, you need technology that can accommodate virtually any demand — now and in the future.
Because Zenoo onboarding uses Zenoo Hub on the back-end and Zenoo Elements on the front-end, any implementation can be quickly and safely customized on-demand — everything from front-end styling to workflow definitions to 3rd-party services — without breaking or slowing things down.

Zenoo Hub

A lightweight, elegantly-abstracted workflow engine that keeps everything flowing smoothly between your in-house and third-party services.

Zenoo Studio

A complete, mobile-friendly UI library that includes full pages, onboarding-specific components, and beautiful modern transitions and animations.

How Zenoo Technology Partnerships work

Help your customers convert more leads with Zenoo’s best-in-class onboarding

Give your customers the frictionless onboarding they need to break ahead of the competition, convert more prospects and thrive online.
  • Guaranteed fast turnaround
  • Optimized for all devices
  • Lightweight, modern tech stack
  • Pre-integrated KYC/AML features
  • Easily scalable infrastructure (cloud-hosted or on-premise)
  • Highly resilient 3rd-party connectors
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Blazing fast user experience
  • Dozens of pre-integrations
  • Fully branded visual design
  • Tested and perfected across 20+ financial markets
  • Fully customizable to your client’s specifications
Help your customers use your services without the need to code.