Accuracy, trust, and a platform that performs. Every time

You get it. We get it. Let’s just get on with it.

Your customers are discerning individuals. They want your expertise. But they don’t want the hassle of a long, drawn out onboarding experience. And you don’t want to miss something that matters.

With Zenoo, everybody’s happy. It’s verification without delay, and your relationships move forward.

Identity verification

Validate and verify every single one of your customers in real-time, pinning them to a residence and a date of birth, across hundreds of countries and jurisdictions. It’s fast, easy and accurate.


Zenoo biometric verification adds an extra layer of protection against impersonation attacks. It’s a better way to catch fraudulent behaviours without compromising on your conversion rates.

Address verification

Real-time address verification, with typos fixed and abbreviations recognised immediately. It’s all powered by the most comprehensive address verification tool you could possibly need.

Bank account verification

Capture and confirm sort code and account number information instantly and accurately. There’s no reason to endure delays when you’re safeguarding against identity fraud with Zenoo in your corner.


Now you can tailor your PEP screening to match your risk requirements. With Zenoo you can be sure that your organisation’s reputation, revenue and capital are always intact.

Payment processing

Clear your clients for payment processing in record time. There’s no hassle, no hiccups and no compromise when you build your business on our systems.

Email and social checks

We all generate huge amounts of online data every day. We buy things, keep in touch, share photos, stream music and watch films. And that volume of data is extremely difficult to fake convincingly.

Check validation

Stay informed with accurate, reliable screening that thoroughly interrogates every individuals’ data, so you know beyond doubt that your clients are who they claim to be.

Anti-fraud checks

A complex anti-fraud check could take hours when it’s done manually. But not with Zenoo. Our platform gives you the data you need to make the highest quality decisions.