How we helped IDEMIA to win a new customer

Thanks to Zenoo, IDEMIA was able to sell onboarding solution to a government agency responsible for the civil space program.

The Challenge

The agency needs to onboard and verify hundreds of employees and subcontractors every year. The security requirements are as stringent as you would expect in this sector, and the information of every new employee must be cross-referenced and verified with a trusted data source. Before Zenoo and IDEMIA, this was done manually and employees had to physically visit different branches  - so the whole process often took months to complete.

The client was looking for a solution that could be easily and quickly integrated into their underlying systems, and that allows for the management of the onboarding process without the need for coding. All of this has to happen within a pixel-perfect and completely seamless app from the employee's point of view. Our white-label partner, IDEMIA, was looking for an external resource that would help them reach all of the criteria.

The Solution

Speed was one of the main requirements, and so we delivered the solution in record time. IDEMIA's world-class services were pre-integrated into the Zenoo platform, which makes managing the journey flow easy and fast.

Employee data are verified using IDEMIA services. Thanks to their world-class biometrics and ID checks, employee personal information and identity are verified in real-time, as they are entered into the app UI. The end-client staff then reviews only those cases which require special attention, which is a significant time-saving benefit.

The staff is fully independent in managing the onboarding journey's appearance. In Zenoo no-code studio, they can easily edit the look and feel, or the flow of the journey.

New employees no longer have to physically visit the office physically and enjoy a seamless, fast onboarding that can be completed on a phone and takes only a few minutes, including document uploads. Single sign-on is enabled, and new employee data is automatically transferred and stored in the agency's own HR system.

Quick Facts
Delivery time 2 months
Highest security standards
Customer Centric UX
No-code management
Fully digital onboarding
What We Did:

Strategy and user research

Design across web and mobile platforms

Platform architecture

Zero-code solution development

Seamless integration with NASA's underlying systems

Analytics and optimization

High-level security and testing


Speed of Delivery
Zenoo’s zero-code platform enabled the delivery of the solution in record time, which would have otherwise taken years to complete using traditional code-intensive solutions.

Stringent Security Checks
Zenoo’s partnership with Idemia ensured that NASA’s stringent security requirements were met. By using Idemia’s world-class ID back for documents and biometrics information, Zenoo provided a highly secure system that cross-referenced collected data with Idemia's dataset. The solution ensured that all the information collected was accurate, and any cases that required review went through a special queue for internal review by NASA staff.

Easy and Effective User Experience
Zenoo’s platform provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for NASA employees and subcontractors. With a single sign-on, individuals can apply from their NASA portal, conduct necessary checks, and receive automatic approvals. The solution is easy to extend and integrate into NASA’s systems without requiring manual review, ensuring that employees have access to all necessary facilities and applications.

Zenoo’s work with NASA has been recognized globally for its groundbreaking contribution to identity verification. The solution has transformed the onboarding process for employees and subcontractors, enabling them to swiftly onboard and conduct necessary checks with ease.

1. Speed of delivery through zero-code platform
2. Stringent security checks and testing
3. Seamless and effective user experience

Zenoo and Idemia’s partnership with NASA has set a new standard for identity verification, providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for employee and subcontractor onboarding. Zenoo’s zero-code platform enabled the delivery of the solution in record time, providing NASA with a solution that is easy to use and integrate with underlying systems. The solution’s stringent security measures have been put to the test and passed with flying colors. Zenoo has transformed identity verification for NASA, and its work will continue to impact the world for years to come.

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